Pure Encapsulations Reseller Policy

Pure Encapsulations

Effective immediately, Pure Encapsulations is implementing a newly revised, more stringent Corporate Internet Resellers Policy. This new policy applies to all of our valued customers who currently sell or intend to sell, own, operate or manage websites, online clinics and pharmacies.

We recognize that many of our customers provide professional services through various means, including office dispensaries, practitioner-related storefronts, and the Internet. We intend to continue to support the sale of our products from practitioner to patient as our primary business focus, while managing the availability of Pure Encapsulations products through only certain Internet-based channels that are 100% compliant with our new web resale policy and procedures. There will be zero tolerance, which will include instant account termination, for any website selling Pure Encapsulations products that does not comply with the new regulations by January 1, 2012.

The guidelines described in this brochure, which will be mailed to every Pure Encapsulations customer, are intended to protect our valued professional clientele, as well as preserve the integrity of our Pure Encapsulations brand. Together we can continue to grow Pure Encapsulations while building a fair and competitive sales environment.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance and participation in this process.

Pure Encapsulations

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