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Pure Encapsulations is dedicated to advancing the research and clinical applications of dietary supplements in health and wellness. Current research initiatives span the areas of metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological and cognitive health, and more. Pure Encapsulations collaborates with leading researchers worldwide in an effort to identify novel cellular targets and mechanisms, specifically those that influence health outcomes at the genomic level. Currently, we are supporting over 19 ongoing research studies, including trials at the Mayo Clinic and Stanford University. In addition, we have supported four previous trials that have since been published. Notably, our comprehensive research collaboration with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) at Université Laval in Quebec, Canada, has raised the level of our ongoing research projects to new heights. INAF is one of the largest research centers in the world dedicated to advancing knowledge surrounding the complex interfaces between functional food ingredients and health. Led by world-class scientists and equipped with the most advanced biomedical research technologies, INAF continues to help elucidate and develop the molecular and clinical pharmacological applications of Pure Encapsulations’ proprietary polyphenol blends in the area of cardiometabolic health and longevity. This endeavor has contributed to a growing platform of Pure Encapsulations products to emerge from our many strategic collaborations.*

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