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Pure Giving

We believe that giving feeds the soul, which is why we support organizations that are committed to nourishing the lives of those who need it most. Take a look at a few of the organizations we support and join us on our quest to enhance the quality of life for individuals around the world.

SOS Children’s Villages

We have the honor of supporting SOS Children's Villages – the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and supporting orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children. For 70 years, SOS has worked to build and strengthen families for children in need while equipping them with the tools to reach their full potential. At SOS Villages, children who lack parental care are welcomed into a loving and stable home, where they are integrated into a family environment, encouraged by their SOS mother, and provided with essential services like quality education, healthcare, and support to heal from trauma and loss.

Pure Encapsulations is a committed SOS partner. We raised funds to construct an SOS village in Pachacamac, Peru that is home to eight children. We have been fundraising to ensure the village can continue to provide the best care, including building a new family home to serve more children. We are also a proud sponsor of a little girl and boy, for whom we provide food, clothing, school supplies, and medical care. For more information, visit

Global Medical (formerly Peace Possible)

Pure Encapsulations is a proud supporter of Global Medical (formerly Peace Possible), the first nonprofit medical group that provides care to refugees, disaster survivors and the poor, while also researching the underlying causes of radicalization, violence, and PTSD, in an effort to end the cycles of poverty and violence. These individuals will receive personalized support protocols that include Pure Encapsulations products. For more information, visit