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Energy & Fitness

Pure Encapsulations manufactures dietary supplements scientifically formulated to help support enhanced energy levels and muscle function to help you reach your fitness goals. Choose from products that support the adrenal and thyroid glands and promote physical and mental endurance. Each supplement is free from hydrogenated oils, gluten and artificial sweeteners to help you perform at your best.
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  1. Mitochondria-ATP
    Supports cellular energy and mitochondrial health
  2. Thyroid Support Complex
    Thyroid Support Complex
    Comprehensive formula containing vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to support healthy thyroid cell metabolism and thyroid hormone function
  3. Energy Xtra - IMPROVED
    Energy Xtra - IMPROVED
    Adaptogen formula for physical and mental stamina
  4. Nitric Oxide Ultra (capsules) 120's
    Nitric Oxide Ultra (capsules) 120's
    Citrulline and researched fruit extracts to support nitric oxide production and healthy blood flow
  5. Joint Complex (single dose)
    Joint Complex (single dose)
    Supports joint function and comfort in convenient, once-daily dosing
  6. Systemic Enzyme Complex
    Systemic Enzyme Complex 180's
    Systemic Enzyme Complex is currently on backorder. We are committed to providing you with high quality, pure ingredients and want to ensure the best of the best reach your hands. At this time we do not have a timeline for availability, however we sincerely appreciate your patience as we resolve this. Please contact Customer Service for our suggested replacement.

    Support for muscle, joint, and tissue health
  7. Panax Ginseng 120's
    Panax Ginseng 120's
    Support for mild stress; provides 12% ginsenosides, the highest standardization available
  8. l-Glutamine powder
    l-Glutamine powder 227 g
    Nutritionally supports the mucosal lining and the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as lean muscle mass
  9. l-Carnitine fumarate 120's
    l-Carnitine fumarate 120's
    Supports fat metabolism, endurance during training and the healthy functioning of the heart and muscles
  10. Electrolyte/Energy formula
    Electrolyte/Energy formula 340 g
    Supports hydration, stamina, and electrolyte repletion
  11. Ultra B-Complex w/PQQ
    Ultra B-Complex w/PQQ 60's
    Enhanced B-complex support for mitochondrial and nerve health
  12. Ribose
    Supports energy repletion
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