Discontinued Products

As we continuously work to make our products more effective, we regularly introduce new product offerings that replace past formulations. If you're using a product we no longer produce, browse below to find the replacement product that will help you continue to meet your health and wellness goals.
SKU Product Name Replacement SKU Replacement Product Name
AC26 A.C. Formula II 60's AC21
AI6 A.I. Formula 60's AI3/AI1
ADL6 AdipoLean 60's ADL9
AIE6 A.I. Enzymes 60's AIE1
ALE1/ALE6 Aller-Essentials 60's and 120's ALE21/ALE26
AGP6 Alpha Lipoic Acid with GlucoPhenol 60's AGP1
AG1/AG6 Alpha GPC CGP1
AFC2/AFC1 Anti-Fatigue Complex 240's and 120's EX21/EX26
AO26 AntiOxidant Formula 60's AO21
ATN1 Athletic Nutrients 180's ATN21
BB81/BB86 Billberry 80 mg BB11
BF1 Bioflavonex 120’s RJU9
BLC6 Black Cohosh 2.5 60's BLC1
BR21/BR26 Bromelain 2400 250 mg BR51/BR56
ABP2 Buffered Ascorbic Acid powder ABP32
AB2/AB9 Buffered Ascorbic Acid 90's and 250's AB22/AB29
CC9 Calcium (citrate) 90's CC1
CCM1 Calcium (citrate/malate) 180's CC1
CH39 Calcium (MCHA) 90's CH31
CVD9 Calcium with Vitamin D3 90's CVD1
CER6 Cereboost 6-hour 60's MCUM6
CARC1 Cardio-C NDL26
CKQ6 Cardiokinase w/ CoQ10 60's NS16
LCF6 l-Carnitine Fumarate 60's LCF1
CRG21/CRG26 ChromeMate GTF
200 mcg
CHP1 CholestePure Plus 120's CHP21
CI6 Cinnamon WS 60's CI1
COF6 Cognitive Factors 60's COF1
CV1 CV Forte 120's HA1 or NDL26
DI6 Daily Immune 60's DI1
DHE9 DHA Enhance 90's DHE1
DHAL DHA liquid ED11/ED19
EB1/EB6 Elderberry 120's and 60's DI1 or ISL
EEFB3 Electrolyte/Energy formula (stick packs) EEF2B3
SG1 Eleuthero 0.8% E&B 120's PG1
ESQL1 EmulsiSorb CoQ10 Liquid EDO2
ESO2 EmulsiSorb Omega 22.5 ml EDL2
ESDL EmulsiSorb Vitamin D3 liquid 22.5 ml VDL
EDQ1 EPA/DHA–CoQ10 120's EDL2
EDG2 & EDG1 EPA/DHA Glucosamine 240's and 120's JO11
EDLE2 EPA/DHA liquid enhanced 200 ml EDL2
EDC6 EPA/DHA with lemon 60's EDC1
EDV1/EDV6 EPA/DHA Vegetarian 120's & 60's ED11/ED19
FB1 Flax/Borage Oil 120's FB2
FOSC2/FOSC1 FOS Capsules 250's and 100's PLFX3
GI6 Ginger extract 60's GI1
GB16 Ginkgo 50 - 160 mg. 60's GB11
GLU1/GLU9 Glucomannan PLFX3
GCM2 Glucosamine + Chondroitin with Manganese 240's GCM3/GCM1
GHC6 Glucosamine HCl 60's GHC1
GS63/GS61 Glucosamine Sulfate 650 mg. 360's and 180's GS13/GS11/GS16
GL9 Glycine 90's GL1
GP11/GP16 Grape Pip 100 mg GP51
GU2/GU9 Guggul extract CHP21 or NDL26
HAL Hyaluronic Acid liquid HYA1/HYA6
IH1/IH6 ImmuHerbs DI1
IP69 IP6 90's IP61
IQB6 Isoquercetin w/Bioperine® QU1/QU6
IT6 Iodine and Tyrosine 60's IT1
JSL Joint Support liquid
450 ml
GCMS3/2/1/6 or JC6/JC3
CKDL3 K/D liquid PHK26
KRE1 Kre-Alkalyn CRM5/CRM2
LS6 Lactobacillus Sporogenes 60's PGI6
LRL1 Liposomal Recharge Liquid LSG6/LSG3
LSF1 Lipid Support Formula CHP21
KSF1/KSF6 Kidney Support Formula No Suggested Replacement Available
LQN2 LiquiNutrients 230 ml LQN22
LOG6 Lo-Glycemix 60's MX9
MSL3 MentalSharp liquid 30 ml KP1/KP6 or DHU1/DHU6
MF9 Mineral 650® 90's MF1
MM9 Mineral 650® without copper & iron 90's MM1
MATP1 Mitochondria-ATP 120's MATP21
MOC1 MotilCalm 180's MCU1 or

MRS6 M/R/S Mushroom Formula 60's MRS1
MTD1/MTD6 Multi t/d MTD21/MTD26
AHC6/AHC3 Myco-AHCC 60's and 30's MRS1
DHAV21/DHAV26 Neuromins 200 mg 120's and 60's ED11/ED19
NI69 Niacitol 650 mg. 90's NI61
NFC36/NFC2 Nutra-Flax 360's and 250's PLFX3
MVC9 Nutrient 950® without iron 90's MVC3/MVC1
PG6 Panax Ginseng 60's PG1
PP1/PP6 Pantethine/Policosanol PO21/PO26 or PA1/PA6
PT5 Petadolex ALE21/ALE26 or PRI6
MP6 PhytoBalance PHB1
POM1/POM6 Pomegranate Plus POM21
PMC9 Potassium Magnesium (citrate) 90's PMC1
PBCH6 ProBasics Chocolate
570 g
PBFV5 ProBasics French Vanilla 555 g WBV4
PBMB3 ProbioMood 30 stick packs TBD
PMS26 ProSoothe II 60's PMS21
P2CL Pure2O Calm PTL
P2EL Pure2O Energy BCL1
P2IL Pure2O Immune ISL
BIOD6 PureBiOme Detox 60's BIOG6
PCPV6 PureClear Vanilla Bean Flavor PLV6
PDK21 PureDefense chewables 120's ISL
PHK6 PureHeart® K2D 60's PHK26
PHP6 PureHeart® Probiotic 60's CHP21
PHPPB3 PureHeart® Pure Pack
30 packets
PLGCB3 PureLean® Green Coffee stick packs XT6
PLVP1 PureLean® Protein Blend Vanilla Packets PLV6
PSPPB3 PureSYNAPSE Pure Pack 30 packets NMPPB3
PWF1/ PWF6 PureWeigh-FM XT6 or SCP3/SCP1
PWFV6 PureWeigh® PREMEAL Beverage 664 g PLV6
QG66 Q-Gel® (Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10) 60 mg 60's QG16
RS1 Respiratory Support Complex 120's BWA1
RJ9 RevitalAge™ 90's RJU9
SA9 Satiet-ease 90's RL1/RL6
SD3 Seditol 30's SD6
SZ1 SerratioZymes-AR 180's SYC1
SPU1/SPU9 SP Ultimate SPU21/SPU29
SYC3/9 Systemic Enzyme Complex 360's and 90's SYC1
TS1/TS6 Thyroid Support Complex‡ TS21/TS26
LT9 l-Tyrosine 90's LT59
UKD1/UKD6 UltraKrill+D KP1/KP6
USE1/USE9 Ultra-Synergist E 180's and 90's DE1/DE9